Liberals idolize Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s the oldest justice serving on the court now and some recent health challenges have pushed the panic button in Democratic circles. So, as her 86th birthday approaches later this week a group of fans is gathering to plank on the steps of the Supreme Court building to celebrate.

I didn’t realize that planking (lying in a prone position, often in unusual places) is still a thing but apparently, it is among the physically fit crowd in Washington. Ginsburg, you may have read, is still doing regular weekly workouts with a personal trainer. She may fall asleep during State of the Union addresses but she is still showing up for work.

Permission has been granted for the celebration and the driving force of the event is Rebecca Lee Funk, owner of The Outrage, a “resistance retailer”. Of course. See, it’s not really a birthday celebration. It’s a #Resistance event to stick it to President Trump that the woman is still alive and kicking. She expects about 1,000 people to show up.

After a friend tipped her off to the idea, Funk got the green light from the federal government and threw up a Facebook event. Funk offers that this isn’t a one-time viral stunt. Coordinated with the opening of the Outrage’s members-only activist space in Logan Circle, “Plank Like RBG” is the first of what Funk hopes to be several “celebratory” news-of-the-day-pegged events hosted by the shop, though she did not share what’s coming down the pike.

“The image of thousands of women planking on the steps of SCOTUS while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is the most joyful act of resistance I can think of right now,” Funk says. “We recognize that resistance can and must be multi-faceted, and we encourage and equip our community to have courageous conversations, channel righteous anger into action, and in these instances, use joy as an act of resistance.”

Ginsburg’s exercise routine has been filmed and distributed to her loyal fans. Her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson has written a book about it. Liberals find all of this comforting because they are terrified that President Trump will be able to nominate her eventual replacement on the high court.

Another tip of the hat to Ginsburg’s birthday is coming from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. He’s campaigning to rename the Brooklyn Municipal Building for Ginsburg.

Democratic Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says he will be marking Ginsberg’s 86th birthday on March 15 with a large party and rally to demand the city rename the Brooklyn Municipal Building for Ginsberg. The Daily News reports Adams first made his pitch to have the municipal building named after the Brooklyn-born Ginsburg in September.

So far, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio has not endorsed the measure. A spokesman for City Hall says the administration is reviewing Adams’ proposal.

Adams says it is only natural to rename a building in Ginsburg’s honor in her home borough. She’s an icon, you know. The building is described as “a 1926 government building with tall stone columns in front.”

“We’ve talked about this and asked, ‘How do we honor such an icon?’ and it was simple — we make statues and name buildings after her,” Adams said.

I wish Ginsburg well as she enters another year. Her stamina is enviable, to be sure. I don’t, however, fall into the camp of idolizing her. She’s had a notable legal career but so did the first woman on the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor, nominated by President Reagan in 1981. She wasn’t given the same treatment as Ginsburg garners today and we know why. She was a Republican and Ginsburg is not. It’s as simple as that.