The chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party announced Saturday that Senator Cory Booker will be the keynote speaker for the party’s annual fall fundraising gala. Fresh off of his headline-grabbing performance during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings last week, Booker is bound to be a prize catch on the fundraising circuit. This will only add to the common assumption that Booker will be a candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.

“Senator Booker represents a future-driven vision for our party and our nation that has inspired millions. As we head in to the most grueling weeks of this cycle, we hope that his message will be the fuel Iowa Democrats need to put our candidates over the top in November,” Troy Price, the state party chairman, said in a release announcing Booker’s selection.

The fundraising dinner was known in past years as the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, as it is with many Democratic county party dinners across the country. The Iowa State Democratic Party, however, bowed to the mob mentality that now demands that America’s history is wiped from memory and in 2015 removed the names of the two slave-owning Democrat presidents. The Iowans were a bit ahead of the curve in virtue-shaming.

The 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell will be in attendance, as will other candidates aspiring to win elections in November. Hubbell is in a hotly contested race with the state’s current governor, Kim Reynolds. Real Clear Politics shows Governor Reynolds with a five-point advantage in the latest polling. In past years, Reynolds popularity would carry her comfortably to victory but we all know that this isn’t a typical mid-term election year.

Senator Booker released a statement in his typical tone – emphasizing the direness of Trump’s America. (emphasis mine)  He’s coming to the rescue, Democrats.

“So much is at stake, from the future of health care, to whether huge tax breaks and benefits will keep flowing to those at the top at the expense of everyone else, and more,” Booker said in a statement. “I’ve been traveling all across the country this year to campaign for Democrats and discuss the urgency of this moment, and I’m excited to come to Iowa in October to support an incredible slate of inspiring candidates.”

In a coy way, Booker refused to admit to his presidential ambition to the Des Moines Register and feigned modesty. Aw, shucks. He’s just focused on the mid-term elections coming up.

“Frankly, Iowa’s one of those states that I haven’t gone to a lot because we do know about that speculation,” he said, declining to say whether he is exploring a run. “… I think it’s irresponsible for anybody really to be focusing needed energy on an election two years and two months from now, as opposed to an election just two months from now.”

Booker said Iowa’s competitive congressional races could play an outsize role in helping Democrats retake control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Let’s put it this way: The pathway to getting a check and balance to the president of the United States, it has to go through Iowa,” he said. “And that’s why I have to go through Iowa.”

Booker will excite the base to get out and make sure voters get to the polls on election day. Besides the money raised, that is the real purpose of these dinners. No doubt he will receive glowing reviews when the time comes.