There is an interesting little drama playing out against author, National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation and CNN contributor Joan Walsh. Walsh tweeted a snarky response to Parkland student survivor Kyle Kashuv’s mention that she ‘liked’ a tweet between himself and the father of a murdered Margory Stoneman Douglas student. She didn’t appreciate Kashuv, not one of the CNN star student survivors but one who works for common sense gun law reforms on Capitol Hill, pointing out that she is taking sides.

“Good luck handling your stress”, she tweeted.  Ugh. Actually, this bias should not be a surprise.  Walsh wrote a glowing piece for The Nation on Emma Gonzalez and other students just a few days ago.

Emma Gonzalez’s remarkable poise was one revelation of Saturday’s march. I met her before it began, in the press tent, where she broke into a smile listening to the pre-march music playlist. “Yes! I got Celia Cruz on this!” Nodding to the beat, she fielded questions from a dozen national reporters. About the flurry of inadequate but promising gun-safety measures passed since Parkland, she says: “It feels like: they tried to take a giant step—and then they tripped. I’m not gonna knock it, it’s a good first start.” That’s the kind of “we’ll get ’em next time” equanimity activists normally take years, or even decades, to perfect.

Now that this contributor to CNN has attacked a survivor of the Florida high school mass shooting, will she and CNN receive the same treatment that Laura Ingraham did on Fox? Lol! Of course not. Walsh attacked one of the uncool survivors, not one of the grandstanding emoters promoted by all the networks not named Fox.  Kashuv is popular with the wrong side, which is why Walsh went after him in the first place.

Conservatives noticed this response from Walsh and acted accordingly. While I don’t agree with either side picking their preferred teen darlings to promote their agendas, if a standard is set by the left, then the right is entitled to the same. If the likes of David Hogg can demand retaliation against Ingraham and Fox via loss of advertising dollars then it is only fair that CNN should suffer the same consequences.

The top ten advertisers on CNN are listed here.   To say I will be surprised if there is any response to calls for fairness is an understatement. That isn’t how this works. The double standard is alive and well in politics. Conservatives must play by liberal rules. Except when it doesn’t benefit the left. CNN has propelled a select few of the teen survivors into ratings gold. Liberals demand that Ingraham is taken off the air because that is what the left does – they shut down discussion instead of engaging in debate. This is seen on college campuses across America.

To be noted, too, in Joan Walsh’s ugly tweet is her reference to stress. Shouldn’t an adult be looking for ways for the traumatized students to receive mental health help instead of mocking how one deals with stress?  Just a thought.