First Lady Melania Trump chose not to accompany the president to Davos and left-wing social media went deep into crazy town as the timing was too suspicious for them not to do so. The week of the couple’s thirteenth wedding anniversary coincided with stories of The Donald’s  less than stellar past record with monogamy hitting the tabloid world. Stories of Trump and alleged paramour, porn star Stormy Daniels, are everywhere.

Melania stayed in D.C. and went to the Holocaust Museum instead of flying off to hobnob with the world’s rich and famous. This was enough for her critics to deduce that she is so mortified and angry with stories of her husband’s past behavior that she couldn’t possibly face the cameras on the world stage. Saturday marked Holocaust Remembrance Day so she went, without fanfare, to the museum Thursday.

The visit, announced by the White House after it was over, was arranged to honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Saturday. In a statement released by the East Wing, Trump said she wanted to pay respect to the 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust and to the millions of other victims of Nazi persecution.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives and families were broken by the horrors of the Holocaust,” her statement said. “Yet it is also through our shared humanity that we come together now in commemoration, strength, and love.  My heart is with you, and we remember.”

Excuse me if I don’t see the conflict here. No American president has attended Davos in previous years, with the exception of Bill Clinton in 2000. There is little to do there other than attend wonky meetings and this First Lady usually devotes her time to visiting hospitals and schools overseas.

Saturday her Twitter account posted about the visit.

Nothing was stopping HBO show host Bill Maher, however, as he invoked the Holocaust into his schtick attacking the First Lady Friday night. Melania Trump is Slovenian, so this is particularly disgusting. Judaism in Slovenia has a long history, including with, you know, the actual Holocaust. But, never mind. Maher counsels Melania to join the #Resistance. (Daily Beast)

 “Oh, Melania,” uttered Maher. “Melania, baby, you gotta knit yourself a pussy hat, I’m tellin’ ya! This is how bad it’s gotten: instead of going to Davos with her husband, Melania went to the Holocaust Museum to cheer up. She signed the guest book: ‘I know the feeling.’ And she lit a candle to mourn the dark day two weeks ago when Trump’s doctor said he was in good health. Then it was off to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Trophy Wife.

When they go low…, oh, forget it. This seems like the bottom of the barrel to me. I’ve read the assumptions in lots of stories and heard the Hollywood elitist women tsk-tsk that Melania is silently suffering as Mrs. Donald Trump. I’m not privy to their lives but it sure doesn’t look like she’s suffering to me. And comparing her marriage to the Holocaust is beyond the pale.