A female reporter for the Post Millennial named Amy Eileen Hamm has been accused of sexual assault by Jessica Yaniv:

That’s quite a striking claim. What in the world is Yaniv talking about? I’m going to explain but to do this justice we need to step back a bit and look at what happened at the Canadian courthouse this week.

Monday Jessica Yaniv was appearing at a Canadian courthouse on weapons charges (she brandished an illegal taser during a YouTube interview last year). A reporter from Rebel Media covering the story went inside the courthouse and was promptly accused by Yaniv of taking photographs. It’s illegal to take photographs inside a Canadian courthouse so a group of police asked the reporter to show them the contents of his phone. There were no photos of Yaniv on the phone but she used the distraction to attempt to slip out of the courthouse.

The reporter followed her outside to ask her questions and she retreated inside the courthouse. A bit later, when Yaniv was leaving the courthouse for the second time, she became enraged and attacked the reporter, allegedly punching him in the head (she’s definitely punching him in the video but you can’t actually see where the blows are landing).

Amy Eileen Hamm was also at the courthouse that day to cover Yaniv’s appearance on the weapons charge. Here’s her description of what happened Monday:

Notorious trans activist Jessica Yaniv appeared in a British Columbia court today where she faced two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act. During recess, Yaniv falsely accused this reporter of taking photographs of her in the women’s washroom.

I entered the woman’s washroom, noticed that Yaniv was there, and quickly exited. Police responded to Yaniv’s false claim by searching my phone, only to discover that I had not done what Yaniv had claimed. He yelled at me that he was going to charge me with “voyeurism.”

Here’s how Hamm described it using a gif on Twitter:

So Yaniv saw that someone who was at the courthouse reporting on her case had walked into the bathroom. She made a false claim she was being photographed by the reporter. Clearly, this is a gimmick Yaniv used at least twice that day to harass people covering her case. In both cases, the claims were found to be false. Somehow the false allegation about photographing her in the bathroom has morphed into the claim of sexual assault. In response, Hamm once again repeated her story of what happened in the women’s washroom:

The Post Millennial reached out to Hamm, who said,“During court recess, I entered the women’s washroom and saw JY standing in the common area. I immediately backed out of the room, fearing for my own safety and not wanting to be confined in a small room with this person.”

Of course I wasn’t there but I do know Yaniv made two false claims about being photographed that day. I also know she’s been found by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal to have attempted to make money by threatening a series of minority beauticians against whom she displayed racial bias. In short, her word cannot be trusted.

The reporter who was attacked Monday wrote Wednesday that Yaniv is being investigated and could soon face assault charges. He also said he plans to file a civil suit against Yaniv, regardless of what happens with the criminal case.