Last night, Elizabeth Warren tweeted a response to the airstrike on Soleimani which began “Soleimani was a murderer, responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of Americans.” That is all completely accurate, but it was too much for the far left of the party which began attacking Warren as a warmonger:

There’s a lot more of this but you get the idea. The left was not happy with her statement because of that first line which suggested that maybe Soleimani had it coming. So today, Warren published a revised statement:

The NY Times’ Jonathan Martin points out the substantial differences:

Martin is correct that this is the same dynamic we’ve seen with Warren’s support for Medicare For All. She was all for it as she attempted to capture the left-wing of the party. Then she started to back away slowly when it dawned on her that it probably wasn’t a winning issue in a general election. She’s talking about it a lot less now and that willingness to compromise with electoral (and fiscal) reality has made her suspect on the far left. Why vote for an incremental or nuanced approach when Bernie never blinks (and has better polling numbers)?

Simply put, the far left is as interested in nuanced foreign policy as it is in nuanced domestic policy. It’s not okay to admit Soleimani was a terrorist with a lot of blood on his hands any more than it’s okay to admit M4A might be costly and difficult to pass. The only acceptable response in this situation is to blame Trump/America without hesitation. So Warren is now complying with that demand.

I don’t know why she bothered. The response she got to last night’s statement should have been a hint that the far left is not tracking with her. Changing the statement hours later just makes her look indecisive and alienates any moderate Dems who thought her first statement showed some appropriate nuance. The shifting back and forth in an attempt to please everyone is just not working for her.

Update: Asked why she pivoted away from calling Soleimani a murderer, Warren doesn’t really answer she just filibusters about Trump.