If you’ve followed the court battle between Gibson’s Bakery and Oberlin College then you probably already knew this was coming. Over the weekend David Gibson passed away at home surrounded by his family:

David Gibson, the owner of Gibson’s Bakery of Oberlin, died Saturday at his home after a months-long fight with pancreatic cancer.

The news of his death was shared on the family business Facebook page Saturday.

“Today we lost a great man husband and father. David Gibson passed away this morning at home surrounded by his family,” the post says.

In August, Gibson announced that he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. In a video message posted on Facebook, Gibson thanked everyone who had supported his family in its long legal battle with Oberlin College and predicted he might not see the resolution of the case.

“I’ll do everything I can to make sure I see this through, and even if I’m not able to see the end of this battle, our family is committed to continue serving the Oberlin community, just as we have for the past 134 years,” Gibson said. He added that by refusing to accept the verdict the college was “sending a clear message to me and to my 91-year-old dad that they will just wait us out.”

Earlier this month, CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on the Gibson’s Bakery story. The piece highlighted the fact that David Gibson’s father, who had broken his neck about six months after the protests, was worried that after a lifetime of serving the community, he might die having been accused of being a racist. David Gibson was so upset talking about it that he almost broke into tears describing his father’s words to CBS (see below). It’s a horrible thing for a good man to have to deal with.

The Chronicle newspaper published and obituary for Gibson yesterday. Here’s a portion of it:

David found his passion in the family business when he returned home after college graduation from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in chemistry when he was asked to assist his father, Allyn W. Gibson, in the summer of 1977. He found his baking craft by way of his love for chemistry and art and developed his steady and creative hand while decorating multi-tiered wedding and birthday cakes with airbrushing picture techniques and stylistic details such as working fountains and the delicate art of sugar glace and frosted flowers…

He found great joy in his friendships and spent much of his free time entertaining his family and friends over his grill and an evening bonfire. David was a world traveler, loved nature and boating, golfing with close friends, working with his cherished father, visiting with his brothers and cousins, reading poetry and philosophy, and shooting hoops with his grandson. As soon as Ohio weather was fair enough, he could be found sneaking away with family and friends for a quick trip to his beloved Kelleys Island camping spot. David loved to fish and explore the great outdoors with his wife, Lorna, and dog, Baxter. He was a hardworking businessman and dedicated member of the Oberlin community.

Rest in peace, Mr. Gibson. Here’s the CBS Sunday story featuring Gibson from earlier this month: