Allahpundit covered the start of this ongoing argument earlier today. Joaquin Castro posted a list of leading Trump donors in San Antonio, Texas along with the businesses where they work. “Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump,” Castro wrote, followed by a list of local businesses owned by some of those donors. This afternoon Fox News reported that the Trump campaign reported Castro to Twitter for targeted abuse and harassment:

Castro has defended himself by claiming that the information he published is all public (which is true). But what exactly did Castro expect to happen when he began listing and lamenting that local business owners were supporting Trump? According to Castro, he had no agenda at all. Responding to a critical tweet from reporter Yashar Ali (kudos to him for taking a stand on this), there was “no call to action” in his tweet.

Castro didn’t literally suggest harassing local businesses, but you’d have to be an idiot not to know what happens to people singled out as the enemy on social media these days. That’s especially true when the Democratic Party is in the midst of blaming Trump for a mass shooting that just took place in Texas. At the very least, Castro should have known what might happen when he gave his followers the Twitter handles of some of the businesses in question.

Is it really believable that Castro didn’t want to see any negative consequences for the people on his list? If so, why is he retweeting statements like this one from Joe Scarborough:

Scarborough’s point is pretty clear: Supporting Trump makes you complicit in white supremacy. Does Castro think there should be no penalty for supporting white supremacy? I sort of doubt that. So on the one hand, he’s saying he didn’t call for any action against Trump supporters but on the other hand he’s RTing people who suggest Trump’s supporters deserve to be outed and shamed. In other words, it seems like Castro is trying to have this both ways. I don’t expect Twitter to step in and uphold their own rules in this case though. They’ll play along with Castro’s “no call to action” claim to avoid having to enforce the rules against someone on the left.