I saw online yesterday and thought the kids involved did an amazing job. I looked up this high school and it’s not in a wealthy area. This is a school where a majority of kids qualify for a free school lunch. So almost everything in this production was made from recycled scrap and things they had on hand. The total budget for the production was around $5,000 and the play was such a hit with audiences that they will be adding additional performances before the end of the year. From News 12 New Jersey:

“This year we made something out of little-to-nothing and it really showed that all you need is inspiration and hard work to get something done,” says student Gabriella Delacruz, who played the character Ripley – made famous by actress Sigourney Weaver.

The props were made from recycled plastic, everyday foam and carved-out light globes. The detailed “Xenomorph” alien costume also wowed the audience.

“I saw a lot of screaming and a lot of people eyeballing me, trying to look at the whole costume,” says Xavier Perez, who played the creature. “It’s great seeing all the great work that all these people have done.”

Check out some of these images and below that is the full Alien costume walking the halls of the school:


Some film and TV professionals were suitably impressed:

There are hundreds of more people responding to the images with lots of enthusiasm for the kids and what they accomplished. Here’s the facehugger scene:

Finally, here’s a report from PIX 11 News. Congrats to the talented kids of North Bergen High School: