Thursday afternoon the White House weighed in on the greatest debate of our time: Laurel vs. Yanny. The clip is obviously supposed to be light-hearted and fun, a distraction but a harmless one. Naturally, this inspired people on the left to new fits of outrage.

The clip opens with Ivanka Trump and includes cameo appearances by Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders, Larry Kudlow, VP Mike Pence and President Trump himself (plus several more people I don’t recognize). Most of the White House staff, to my relief, hears “Laurel.” That’s obviously the right answer and I can’t believe there’s anyone on the other side of this debate, but I guess some people have poor hearing from years of head-banging at metal shows.

Lots of people seem to appreciate this in the spirit in which it was intended. Some thought it was funny as these things go. But within 10 minutes of it going up, comedian/headhunter Kathy Griffin was dumping on it:

She was not alone. There are hundreds of tweets in the “lock them up” and “you’re monsters!” veins. I’m only selecting a few representative examples.

Here’s the clip. It’s not what I’d call a knee-slapper but the final line is amusing: