Evergreen College was closed and partially evacuated last Thursday and Friday after authorities received a call from someone threatening to murder people on campus. Over the weekend, authorities received a new threat which prompted the college to be shut down again Monday. From the Seattle Times:

Police are investigating “new external threat information received over the weekend,” the statement said.

All classes during the day and evening are effectively canceled under “suspended operations,” the statement said. Staff will be present to provide services and ensure safety, and law enforcement will remain active at all hours, it added.

A determination hasn’t been made yet about whether or not classes will resume on Tuesday. With regard to the previous threat, the Seattle Times adds that authorities have determined, “no one was actively posting a threat.” How did they determine the previous threat wasn’t active? The story doesn’t say.

Meanwhile, condemnation of the student protesters has been nearly universal. The New York Times published an opinion piece last week and over the weekend published an op-ed on the topic titled “These Campus Inquisitions Must Stop.” Despite the headline, the story is pretty wishy-washy. It accuses Professor Bret Weinstein of taking himself too seriously when he is accused of being a racist and then told to shut up and resign. And the story overlooks most of the disturbing behavior student have engaged in. Despite that, in its final paragraphs we do get a glimpse of how bad things have become:

I asked [Evergreen College President George] Bridges about the epithets hung on Weinstein. He said that such terms are being deployed too readily and casually.

“Using the word ‘racist’ halts the conversation,” he said. “It just ends it. It doesn’t explore the beliefs, the values, the behaviors that comprise individuals.”

Isn’t he, too, being characterized as racist?

“Of course,” he said. “It’s just the way discourse goes these days.”

A better piece was published over the weekend at HuffPost. Written by a former president of the College Democrats of Maryland, the piece argues the progressive protesters shouldn’ be called “social justice warriors” because it sounds somewhat positive. Instead, he suggests they simply be called fascists: