At a meeting with reporters Thursday, Secret Service director Randolph Alles said President Trump is getting about 6 to 8 threats each day, about the same as President Obama. From NBC News:

The U.S. Secret Service is investigating about the same number of threats against Donald Trump as it did against the last several presidents, the agency’s new director said Thursday.

“The number of threats has been fairly constant over the past 10 years, about six to eight a day,” said Randolph Alles, who became Secret Service director barely a month ago…

The Secret Service employs about 6,500 people. Alles wants to increase that to 7,600 within the next two years and to nearly 9,600 by 2025.

Staffing shortages have also affected operations at the White House, he said, where a series of intruders have succeeded in scaling the fence and getting onto the grounds. “There will be no easy solutions at the White House until we get the staffing up,” he said.

Just last month the White House lawn was cleared after a woman attempted to jump a barrier to the White House. In March another intruder gained access to the White House grounds for more than 15 minutes.

Previous reports have suggested the Secret Service was stretched thin having to protect members of the Trump family in Washington, D.C., in New York at Trump’s Florida resort plus wherever his adult children are traveling.

The president’s travels — as well as his world-hopping adult children who also have a Secret Service detail — are taking a toll on the men and women who protect the Trump family.

Former agent Jonathan Wackrow says the Secret Service “is currently operating at lower numbers than they have in modern times. That combined with just the travel schedule and the need to secure multiple locations that the president resides puts a manpower strain on the Secret Service week after week.”

Director Alles was apparently asked about the incident yesterday involving comedian Kathy Griffin but refused to comment. TMZ reported yesterday that the Secret Service was investigating the situation.