FBI Director James Comey may defend his decision to announce he was still investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails just prior to the election, according to a report by the Hill:

Several former FBI officials told The Hill that they have heard Comey is now weighing a possible press appearance after Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20 to tell his side of the story…

Pressure to speak out is mounting as more details emerge about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the new emails.

The search warrant used to go through the emails, unsealed Tuesday, confirmed that Comey delivered his letter to Congress two days before the warrant was granted — meaning that investigators didn’t yet know what was in them.

Democrats haven’t stopped blaming Comey for Clinton’s loss since the election last month but the blame game shifted into a new gear Tuesday with the unsealing of the FBI’s search warrant. Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall released a statement which was reported by Politico:

“Today’s release of the FBI affidavit highlights the extraordinary impropriety of [FBI] Director [James] Comey’s October 28 letter, publicized two days before the affidavit, which produced devastating but predictable damage politically and which was both legally unauthorized and factually unnecessary,” longtime Clinton lawyer David Kendall said in a statement. “The affidavit concedes that the FBI had no basis to conclude whether these e-mails were even pertinent to that closed investigation, were significant, or whether they had, in fact, already been reviewed prior to the closing of the investigation.”

“What does become unassailably clear, however, is that as the sole basis for this warrant, the FBI put forward the same evidence the Bureau concluded in July was not sufficient to bring a case — the affidavit offered no additional evidence to support any different conclusion,” Kendall said.

Of course it’s far too late for any of these recriminations to help Hillary Clinton but that’s not what this effort is about. Clinton world wants to delegitimize the incoming President and they also want revenge for their loss. If they can’t have the White House they’ll have to settle for ruining Comey’s reputation and seeing him out of a job. It’s quite a change from just a few months ago when Democrats were praising Comey as a man of integrity after he announced there would be no charges brought against Hillary Clinton. This clip via the Washington Free Beacon: