Bill Murray continues to make movies but he’s also got a 2nd career going as the guy who shows up unexpectedly in random places and makes people laugh. Today Murray showed up at the White House briefing room where he went to the podium in Cubs gear and spoke to reporters. From NBC News:

Murray came to Washington to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday, but arrived early to discuss the award — and likely Chicago sports as well — with the president.

Murray’s beloved Cubs are one win away from their first World Series appearance since 1945, leading the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 in a seven-game series. Though Obama is a noted fan of the Chicago White Sox, he has stated he will support his team’s crosstown rival.

Other unexpected Bill Murray sightings include him turning up at a kickball game, a karaoke party, joining a happy couple for an engagement photo shoot and crashing a bachelor party where he offered some unique advice on finding the right person to marry.