In Kentucky there is a GOP caucus but Dems don’t hold their caucus until May. There are 46 delegates at stake and the state has a 5% threshold to receive delegates. In Maine, the GOP holds a closed caucus today with 23 delegates at stake. The threshold to receive delegates is 10% in Maine. Democrats hold their Maine caucus tomorrow, Sunday March 6th.

12:51 am: Here’s the final in Kentucky:

10:01 pm: Kentucky with 44% in.

9:43 pm: Fox News latest update on the numbers in KY.

9:22 pm: Waiting on Kentucky…

8:53 pm: Decision Desk HQ update from Kentucky. With 30.8% reporting, Trump has 43% to Cruz’s 30.3%. Both Rubio and Kasich above the threshold at 12.9% and 12.2%.

8:47 pm: Maine GOP headquarters announces the awarding of delegates: Ted Cruz gets 12 delegates, Donald Trump 9 delegates and John Kasich gets 2 delegates. Rubio fails to meet the 10% threshold.

8:16 pm: Decision Desk HQ is leading the returns race again, this time for Kentucky. With 20.8% reporting, Trump has 42.4% to Cruz’s 31.2 percent. Rubio is in 3rd place with 13.3 percent.

7:52 pm: AP update on Kentucky. With 11% reporting, Trump leads 40.19% to Cruz’s 33.15 percent.

7:42 pm: Fox News update on Kentucky results:

7:33 pm: CNN reports Trump leads Kentucky with 40% to Cruz’s 33.9% with 6% reporting.

7:30 pm: Decision Desk HQ projection for Maine:

7:28 pm: Another win today for Ted Cruz:

7:19 pm: Fox News reporting Kentucky results. With 3% in so far, it’s Trump 39.4% to Cruz 35.7 percent.

7:13 pm: CNN’s John King breaks down the delegate math (so far):

7:07pm: CNN reporting first numbers from Kentucky. With 1% reporting Cruz leads with 32% to Trump’s 31.5 percent.

7:04pm: Other sites reporting results from Maine are well behind Decision Desk HQ:

6:59 pm: Cruz’s lead in Maine is holding (via Decision Desk HQ). With 36.4% reporting, he leads 42.7% to Trump’s 32.5 percent. Kasich is in 3rd place with 14.8 percent.

6:41 pm ET: Decision Desk HQ shows Ted Cruz leading in early Maine returns.