The 2020 presidential race is already turning into The Election That Never Ends in some ways, but it’s given us yet another excuse to examine how the mainstream media covers every aspect of the spectacle. One of the more curious elements I’ve been noticing is the seemingly endless fascination that the networks, the cable news outlets and major newspapers have with failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Back when she famously lost her bid for the governor’s mansion, the Democratic Party remained massively enamored with her and their dedicated soldiers in the media followed suit. That trend hasn’t lost much steam at all, at least judging by this cheerleading piece from NBC News.

The article focuses on the state of Georgia, which is understandable because they are not only entering a full recount of the presidential race, but will also host two runoff elections to determine which party will control the Senate for the next two years. But why is Georgia so much closer to abandoning the GOP? According to NBC, it’s primarily due to Abrams and her ability to… er… I’m not really sure what they’re talking about here.

Stacey Abrams isn’t slowing down.

Soon after it became clear Friday that Georgia, once a reliable Republican stronghold, wouldn’t easily bend toward victory for President Donald Trump, Abrams, the voting rights activist and former candidate for governor, took to social media.

First, she recognized the achievement, thanking elated voters and activists in a video posted to her social media accounts for their efforts over the years to create “this new Georgia.” Then, she turned their attention elsewhere: to the state’s two potential Senate runoff races.

“We have seen what is possible when we work hard and when we work together,” Abrams said in the video statement. “We know we can win Georgia. Now let’s get it done, again.”

If you click through to read the entire piece, it continues on in the same tone. The title alone says volumes. “Credited with boosting Democrats in Georgia, Stacey Abrams looks to January.” Abrams is described as someone “who is being widely applauded for her work in transforming Georgia into a battleground.” They go on to quote a staffer of John Lewis and Susan Rice, pointing to Abrams as somehow being the driving force behind the changes being observed in Georgia.

You’re to be forgiven if you don’t understand why Abrams should be feted in this fashion. As I mentioned above, she’s a career politician who never rose above the level of the lower house of the state legislature. She’s primarily famous for losing the governor’s race in 2018. In her latest media incarnation, she’s being credited with the larger than usual turnout for this year’s election in her home state.

I have no doubt that the organization she founded has registered many new voters. But so have many others. And here’s a tip for those keeping score at home. Participation in this election was up by a massive degree across almost the entire nation. There were endless television campaigns from celebrities and politicos on both sides flooding the airwaves, encouraging everyone to register and vote. The result was impressive in terms of the uptick in those going to the polls.

So how is Georgia, in particular, being seen as following the trend in virtually every other state primarily because of the efforts of Stacey Abrams? I’ll go ahead and take a guess. It’s because she fits the right demographic model, ticks all of the progressive boxes and makes for a quick soundbite. Also, not to put too fine of a point on this, but the last count of the presidential race in Georgia was still showing a razor-close finish that the Democrats can still easily lose. Also, in the one of the Senate races, Republican David Perdue was still holding on to a slender, but measurable lead of nearly 100,000 votes over his Democratic rival. In other words, those races that Stacey Abrams is supposedly the chief driver for could both readily wind up the way her own gubernatorial bid ended. Close, but no cigar.

But hey… if the mainstream media wants to keep hoisting her flag like she’s the future of the party, I say go for it. Given her track record, I hope that’s how it all works out.