It’s no secret that plenty of women around the country, including many who once proudly flew the #BelieveAllWomen banner, have been joining the dogpile attempting to discredit Tara Reade regarding her sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. And even among the few progressive women who insist that Reade’s story needs to be heard, most have concluded that it’s still important to back Joe Biden’s presidential bid despite these claims because the Orange Man is still Bad.

Over at Redstate, our colleague Sister Toldjah highlights another such story this weekend, but this time addressing the reactions from a supposedly conservative woman. The subject in question is the Washington Post’s allegedly “conservative columnist” Jennifer Rubin. She too has clearly hopped onboard with the #BelieveAllBidens campaign and taken her position public on Twitter. The response was predictably underwhelming.

Not only is Rubin sorely lacking in the self-awareness department, but considering her own serious credibility issues she is probably one of the last people anywhere who should be weighing in on someone else’s supposed credibility issues.

The latest example of Rubin’s utter clulessness comes by way of her commentary on new media hit pieces from Politico and PBS that predictably trash Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade’s character (because they must Protect the Precious at all costs, even if it means buhbye to #BelieveAllWomen).

Speaking as someone who has been playing this game for quite a while now, I don’t really disagree with the Good Sister’s take on this subject. Personally, I rarely even bother commenting on Rubin’s work at the Post. Over the years that I’ve been covering this beat, the only times when I’ve seen Rubin espousing many traditionally conservative views was when Mitt Romney was running for something. Other than that? Not so much.

But in this case, Sister Toldjah is highlighting Rubin’s rubber stamp of a particularly vicious line of attack against Tara Reade. She offers the following tweet as evidence.

As Redstate goes on to point out, Rubin’s “Pelosi-esque declaration that the Tara Reade issue is now closed” didn’t exactly go over well, particularly with many women who follow her on Twitter. What she was referring to was the result of any number of liberal reporters digging deep into Reade’s past to find any possible dirt that would help discredit her. One prime example can be found in this Politico article, where Reade is described as a “manipulative, deceitful user.” There are allegedly quite a few people who have interacted with Reade over the years who came away feeling “duped” after she shorted them on rent or repaying loans.

For all I know, all of those people are being honest and she’s treated people in a crappy fashion in the past. And, as I’ve said from the beginning, we can’t definitively say that Reade’s allegations against Biden are bulletproof. There are problems with her story and the way it has changed over the years that have never been adequately addressed in my opinion. (Though she still has a vastly more credible claim than Dr. Blasey Ford ever did.) But let’s just say for the sake of argument that all of those accusations against Reade’s personality and behavior are true. The obvious question, at least for most liberals, should have been the one put forward by Twitter user Joesph Hicks.

I’m very skeptical of these claims. That said, a person can’t be a jerk and still be sexually assaulted? Do terrible people forfeit their right to be heard?

Wasn’t that supposed to be part of the entire Me Too moment from the beginning? Supposedly “bad” women can be sexually assaulted just the same as the “good” women, right? Of course they can. But now, Jennifer Rubin has provided us with a prime example of how the old rules fly out the window if the person being accused is a prominent Democrat, particularly if the allegations could endanger the Democrats’ chances of removing Donald Trump from office in November. So let’s all get ready to hoist up two new flags. One for #BelieveSomeWomen and the other for #BelieveAllBidens.