As you may have heard, Whole Foods Magazine recently honored Mitch McConnell with their Person of the Year award for his work in legalizing industrial hemp. While McConnell said he was honored to be so recognized, this immediately sent liberals around the country into their usual fit of rage. Some of them quickly began organizing protests, calling for a boycott on the pricey food chain.

That’s a natural enough reaction, I suppose. Boycotts come naturally to the left now that we all live in Cancel Culture. But there was one small problem with this quickly organized effort. Whole Foods Magazine has nothing to do with the chain of grocery stores of the same name. This put the store in the position of having to try to explain this to the angry social media mobs and a lot of rapid backtracking. (Washington Times)

The upscale liberal shoppers who frequent Whole Foods Market were plenty crabby after Senate Mitch McConnell was honored as “Person of the Year” by WholeFoods magazine.

As it turns out, however, the magazine serving the “natural products industry” has no connection to the supermarket giant known for its organic meats and produce.

Whole Foods — the market, not the magazine — spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend explaining the difference on social media to irate consumers steamed by the McConnell honor.

How would you like to be Whole Foods’ social media director on Thanksgiving after this flap blew up?

What’s the next boycott going to be? Perhaps they can boycott Burger King for cooking the Impossible Whopper on the same grill as the beef patties. At least that way they’d be targeting the correct business. (Of course, odds are that some of them would push to boycott cows.)

As to the honor that McConnell received, getting rid of the ban on hemp shouldn’t have been that big of an issue. It was originally in place because it’s too closely related to marijuana and I suppose someone in the government was afraid that people would start getting high on it all the time. But at this point, actual marijuana is legal in more and more places and the potency of it is through the roof. Even if you’re inclined to smoke the wacky tobaccy, who would want to settle for smoking hemp?

And was this honor really that big of a deal? Let’s face it… I’m sure Whole Foods Magazine is a fine publication for people interested in that particular subject, but it’s really not the same as being Time’s Person of the Year. Of course, looking at how those awards have been going for the past few years, maybe getting the nod from Whole Foods would be more impressive.