In case you haven’t heard, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been running around in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa, looking very much like someone who is running for President, even if he hasn’t made a formal declaration or formed an exploratory committee. He’s also been making some campaign donations to the Democratic parties in those states. He’s given a series of speeches attacking President Trump and addressing issues that appear far more national in nature than the specific problems plaguing the Big Apple. So is any of this working?

Not so you could tell. Mayor de Blasio’s name is absent from virtually every conversation about the 2020 frontrunners and he’s been largely invisible in terms of town halls and nationally televised appearances. And now, to add insult to injury, a pair of polls have come out that should give Bill the hint. Even the citizens of his own city don’t want him to run. (CBS New York)

According to a new Marist poll, only 25 percent of New Yorkers would be happy if de Blasio were to become the Democratic nominee, while 65 percent said they would be unhappy.

This as a new Iowa poll by the Des Moines Register gave him a zero. He was not named as a first choice for president by a single poll respondent.

And with the murder rate going up and ongoing problems with the New York City Housing Authority and the homeless, Kramer asked the mayor at what point should he cut bait and say, ‘I’m giving this up because I have serious issues that I need to deal with as mayor of the city of New York?”

“Marcia, I am absolutely confident in my ability to address those issues. I’ve been doing it for five years,” was the mayor’s response.

The guy just won reelection in a walk, so you’d think that the denizens of Gotham might be a bit more charitable in terms of his chances. But in a city crammed full of Democrats, only one in four would be “happy” to see him as the party’s nominee. That Iowa poll is even more brutal. There are a number of struggling Democrats who are getting poor numbers, with many below the margin of error. But Bill de Blasio literally scored a zero. Not a single person surveyed picked him as their first choice to run.

But look on the bright side, Mr. Mayor. You’ve got nothing but room for upward growth!

To be fair, his low numbers in New York City aren’t all an evaluation of his POTUS potential. After a long period of improvement, the murder rate began to creep upward again last year. The public transit system is nothing less than a disaster at this point. Homelessness is on the rise again and the tourists are complaining. Oh yes… and it was just revealed that his wife basically made nearly a billion dollars of taxpayer money vanish as if by magic.

All but the last of those things can’t fairly be said to be entirely Bill de Blasio’s fault. Homelessness, crime and aging infrastructure are problems that have plagued all big cities and de Blasio didn’t invent them. But at the same time, he’s the guy in charge now. He asked for the job and responsibility for the problems comes as part of the territory. (And that whole thing about murdering the groundhog was a misunderstanding, guys. He promises.)

But the numbers don’t lie. It’s time for the Mayor of New York City to give up on this pipe dream. Nobody wants him as President, so maybe he can get back to taking care of the gangs of Gotham.