Is there going to be a vote in the House today condemning Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic rhetoric? What previously looked like a done deal is now in doubt. First of all, we don’t know if the vote (assuming it happens) will take place today or not. Democrats have pushed for a delay on what should have been the easiest call in American political history. The reason? This needs to be about more than just Omar and Israel. (Roll Call)

House Democrats will not vote on an anti-Semitism resolution Wednesday as they are still refining the language of the measure, with multiple members saying it is likely to be broadened to reject other forms of religious bigotry such as Islamophobia.

The resolution is Democratic leadership’s response to recent comments from Minnesota freshman Ilhan Omar that lawmakers in both parties have said play into anti-Semitic stereotypes. Some Democrats appear to be concerned, however, that the resolution only targets offenses stirred up by Omar’s comments and not other forms of religious bigotry, including attacks Omar herself has faced for being Muslim.

Looking at the coverage from ABC News, among other outlets, there’s still talk of the vote taking place today. But Roll Call is quoting Nancy Pelosi as only confirming that it will take place “sometime this week.”

The games being played here are turning the entire proceeding into a joke. This was supposed to be about very specific comments made by one individual House member (Omar) specifically addressing the nation of Israel and Jews in general. We weren’t expecting a formal censure or even a reprimand (and nobody has even suggested expelling her), but the original intent was pretty clear. But now, they apparently won’t even be mentioning Omar by name and want to broaden the resolution to include bigotry of all types, particularly against Muslims.

So what started as a condemnation of antisemitism and tropes about Jews “hypnotizing the world,” will now wind up being a general statement about how people shouldn’t say bad things about other people. Lovely. That will really send a powerful message to the rest of the members and our allies in Israel. (/sarc) If that’s all this is going to boil down to, why bother having a vote in the first place? Or, if you really want to expand the scope of this resolution, what say you include a general condemnation of socialism as being antithetical to democracy and our American form of government?

Oh, dear. We could never do that, could we?

If you want a broader view of how Omar has “hit the trifecta of antisemitism,” read David Rutz’s excellent roundup at the Free Beacon. Hypnotism, money and dual loyalties. She’s covering all the bases.