Yeah, she’s running.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – Massachusetts) was on Seth Meyers’ show this week for a typical, liberal mutual admiration society meeting. Meyers was tossing her some softball questions and basically leaving the floor open for her to generate applause lines for the adoring studio audience. She quickly took advantage of the opportunity, declaring early on that the Trump administration is “the most corrupt administration of our lifetimes.” She also flatly accused the President of taking money from influencing agents through the Trump hotel chains. The crowd was eating it up with a spoon despite the absence of any real substance.

But Myers finally started pitching a couple of specific policy questions. One of these was the issue of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. (This takes place at around the 3:00-minute mark in the video below.) After declaring that the President’s famous list of potential SCOTUS nominees was vetted by “right-wing extremist groups” Warren declares that his confirmation is not at all a sure thing. (Free Beacon)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court was not a “done deal” on Tuesday night, blasting “right-wing extremist groups” for prescreening him and saying he could still be stopped.

Democrats led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) have hoped to stop Kavanaugh but have not swung any Republican votes against him. They need at least two, plus all 47 Democrats and two independents, to vote no to block him, and the Washington Post reported they have largely acknowledged they will fail.

On NBC’s “Late Night,” liberal host Seth Meyers said it seemed progressives weren’t making as hard a push to stop his confirmation as they had to block a repeal of Obamacare last year.

Watching the video it’s hard to tell whether Warren is living in some alternate reality world or if she was just chirping hopeful messages to energize the base. At this point, it’s not clear if the Democrats will be able to keep all 48 members of their own caucus (including independents) in line to vote against Kavanaugh, say nothing of a couple of Republicans they would need to join them. The most optimistic liberal media outlets are, at this point, concluding that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is little more than a formality at this point. The vote will be far closer than it should be for someone with such obvious qualifications, but he’ll get over the finish line.

Meyers almost sounded as if he didn’t believe it either and pressed Warren to explain what she thought could be done. That’s when she wandered completely off the ranch, talking about the women’s march after Trump’s inauguration, saying “At the same time that Donald Trump is attacking… Democracy itself has changed.” For examples of how “democracy has changed” since Trump was elected she cited a number of protests which have taken place.

Seriously? Elizabeth Warren was born in 1949. She was already a voting-age adult during the Summer of Love. Does she not recall how many times people have taken to the streets in large numbers to protest this or that politician or policy? Democracy hasn’t changed one iota. In fact, the events she mentions are just the latest in centuries of precisely the same type of activism. To listen to Warren you’d think that she invented the concepts of free speech and petitioning the government for redress of grievances single-handedly.

The Democrats may still score some significant wins in the midterms (or not) and if they do they will have a stronger hand to play. But by then, Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh will already be on the bench waiting to swat down some of Warren’s more pie-in-the-sky aspirations. It’s time to drag yourself back to reality, madam.