Mayor de Blasio kept insisting that he would remain “defiant” and that New York City would be a sanctuary for illegal immigration. Well, as it turns out, if you really want to be a sanctuary city, ICE is going to treat you like one. Immigration officials just wrapped up a six day operation in the Big Apple code named Operation Keep Safe and they arrested more than 200 illegal aliens.

Welcome to the party, pal. (NY Daily News)

Federal immigration officials arrested 225 people in a sweeping six-day raid in the five boroughs and surrounding counties, officials said.

Operation Keep Safe, as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency called it, netted 163 people in the city between April 9 through April 14 — 45 of whom had no outstanding criminal issue.

ICE officials said that 180 of those arrested were convicted criminals or had criminal charges pending against them, but refused to release their names. Those people now face deportation.

The feds groused that the city refused to cooperate in the arrests, claiming that it only increases the amount of people arrested who pose no public safety threat.

City officials are complaining because nearly fifty of the detainees have “no other criminal issue” beyond being in the country illegally. But whose fault is that? The agency has been repeatedly reminding these jurisdictions that if they simply honored ICE detainers and turned over the criminals when they had them in jail, the officers wouldn’t have to go out into the community to round them up. But when you make them do it the hard way, they’re always going to run across some other illegals hanging out with the primary targets. At that point, there’s no sense in leaving them behind if there’s room in the van.

Here’s the mayor promising to be the voice of defiance, resisting the President, the Justice Department and ICE.

That doesn’t seem to be working out for you too well at the moment, sir. You can’t really say they didn’t warn you this was going to happen, either. You were also put on notice last October that your DOJ funding was going to be cut off if you continued down this road. Take a look around your city today. Does it look like these guys are kidding?

It might be time to consider some new policies when it comes to illegal aliens. If not, perhaps the citizens of New York City could consider new management at City Hall before this situation gets further out of hand.