After the State of the Union speech, Ed brought up the President’s reference to victims of MS-13, one of the larger and certainly most bloody gangs in the country. (They’re estimated to have more than 10K members in the U.S. and unknown numbers in other countries.) In predictable fashion, some of Trump’s critics immediately felt the need to disparage the choice, insinuating that the attention given the gang was only meant to gin up hostility toward Latino immigrants. Few, however, were quicker off the mark than MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who took to Twitter during the address to make that point.

As the Washington Times later reported, Reid went on the air to declare that MS-13 was no big deal and Trump was only picking on this “obscure” group to drive his racist agenda.

MSNBC host Joy Reid slammed President Trump for highlighting the murderous MS-13 gang during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, claiming that the only people who have “ever heard of” MS-13 are the people who watch Fox News.

During his speech, Mr. Trump honored the parents of two teenage girls who were murdered by the international crime gang…

“He gives a speech tonight, in which he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the United States, the biggest threat is MS-13, a gang nobody that doesn’t watch Fox News has ever heard of,” she mocked. “So he makes it sound like they’re the biggest threat.”

Real Clear Politics highlights the response from one of the parents of a victim who fell to MS-13’s violence. She was in attendance at the speech as well.

Elizabeth Alvarado, the mother, responded to MSNBC’s Joy Reid for dismissing the Hispanic gang and downplaying them as something only heard about on FOX News…

“I have no words,” Alvarado said. “I mean, these are gang members that just, you know, decided to be a judge and a jury to take my daughter out like that. It’s unacceptable. I don’t want it to happen to anybody else’s family. But, something needs to be done. And I won’t stop doing what I’m doing until everything turns out right. I can only hope and pray that whoever is in or any gang members, please, stop the violence. It’s enough. How much more blood do we have to shed? Stop.”

Alvarado also spoke about meeting with Trump prior to the State of the Union. She praised Trump as “very genuine” and a “very nice president.”

If you want to know more about MS-13 (you know… in case you don’t watch Fox News), go read about a group of rivals who were beaten and hacked to death with clubs and machetes in a New York park, just because the gang didn’t like the looks on their faces. There were three more on Long Island. And these aren’t just murders of convenience to settle a turf battle, taken care of quickly in a shooting. One teen murdered in Maryland last year was stabbed more than 100 times and decapitated. Here’s one in Virginia that will really turn your stomach.

Are these really the sorts of people you want to be defending by claiming that they’re being unfairly targeted because of the color of their skin? I think what’s more disconcerting is the color of their tattoos when they show up in your neighborhood with machetes. And as for nobody ever having heard of them, I suspect that really only applies to people who get all their news from Joy Reid. Maybe she should actually work for MS13NBC?