The award-winning series House of Cards on Netflix is resuming filming next month, so the sixth and allegedly final season will indeed make it back into your streaming queue. (I specify “your” instead of “our” because I’ve still never seen more than the first two episodes.) As expected, accused child molester Kevin Spacey will not be involved. (Associated Press)

Production is resuming next year on the sixth and final season of “House of Cards.”

Taping of the political drama was halted in October amid sexual misconduct allegations against star Kevin Spacey.

Netflix Chief Content Office Ted Sarandos told a conference Monday of the decision, Variety reported.

In November, Netflix said it wouldn’t be involved with the series if Spacey remained. Producer Media Rights Capital suspended him.

Charges have been mounting against Spacey, including recent allegations that filming on the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects was shut down at one point for two days. Only later did other cast members learn that the reason involved stories of “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a young actor. His co-stars are being asked to comment on it and the remarks from the time are all too familiar by now. “Oh, that’s just Kevin being Kevin.” Or even more frightening are the people saying they had “heard” things but weren’t in the room and were afraid to come forward.

House of Cards was too big of a hit to simply bail out on it, so the team has clearly had to make adjustments. Once again this morning some of us were chatting on social media and speculating on the obvious question. How will they write Spacey out of the script but keep the storyline going? There were suggestions about an off-camera death by accident or assassination. Those seem to be the easiest ones to manage. But here’s another thought I pitched in and I’m willing to let the production team use it for free.

How about one episode done entirely through a series of flashbacks where it’s revealed that reporters learn his birth certificate is fake and he’s actually a native of some South African nation? Then he flees the country in shame and can’t be located. Since his wife is taking over anyway (or so I’m led to understand), that would work but would get in some contemporary Easter eggs for the audience.

Or they can just kill him off I suppose. The funeral scene could be a real mind-bender and as long as it’s closed casket they still won’t even need a body double.