Congratulations. If you’re reading this then you survived 2016, which is more than far, far too many wonderful people can say, sadly. With the exception of our final regular season football thread later today, we’re going to be taking some time off today to spend with our own friends and family as I’m sure many of you will be doing as well. (The more adventurous among you may be nursing your heads from the night’s celebrations.) Unlike the more reflective religious festivals we observe here, New Years is a secular affair for many of us, and a time to take stock of how the previous year played out as well as make plans for the one to come. One thing I’m particularly grateful for is all of you who took this wild 2016 journey with us through one of the crazier elections in memory. Your participation and feedback is a constant reminder that we’re all in this together, even when we disagree on some of the fine points of the master plan.

The year ahead shouldn’t be boring. There’s a boatload of legislative work awaiting the GOP controlled congress and they are banking on the new president being good to his word and supporting the conservative agenda. There will be nominations to consider, particularly Trump’s first appointment to the Supreme Court. And then there will be Twitter… assuming nobody manages to the pry the new POTUS’s phone out of his hands. As odd numbered years go, this should be a busy one.

On the personal front, I’m not really one for resolutions. I have enough deadlines to meet in my job and I don’t need to impose any others with artificial boundaries. As for our readers, I wish you health, love and success. If you can manage a moderate amount of all three it will be a good year indeed.

And now, rather than standing out on my lawn and shouting at clouds, I’ll share with you something that used to play at New Years back when some folks had to crank up their record players by hand. Bing Crosby’s Let’s Start the New Year Right.