This is going to raise some eyebrows to be sure. We already saw how the incoming president’s transition team was requesting information on everyone in the government who was involved with various climate change programs. That announcement set off a stream of panic attacks which are still running through the Department of Energy, the EPA and other agencies. Now a new set of letters has reportedly gone out which are asking the State Department about programs dealing with… women. (LA Times)

Donald Trump’s transition team has asked the State Department for details on programs aimed at benefiting women around the world, including identifying staff members who worked to reduce gender-based violence and promote women in the workplace.

In an email sent to numerous State Department offices Wednesday, the president-elect’s transition team asked for urgent response to its inquiries about “gender-related staffing, programming and funding.”

Many of the programs were begun or were championed by Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of State during President Obama’s first term and who lost to Trump in November.

You can imagine how liberals are reacting to this one. One person from the State Department (speaking off the record) is quoted as saying that, “People are freaked out.” The LA Times coverage linked above jumps feet first into the panic room with this bit of speculation:

The latest email suggests the incoming Trump administration will attempt to roll back some of the State Department’s most innovative programs and may seek to penalize people who worked on them.

Seriously? That’s your go-to hot take on this one? We’re to assume at this point that Trump is hard at work on programs to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and fire everyone who suggested gender equality programs under the Obama administration I suppose.

Whatever happened to all of the concern trolling over how heavily Trump’s children would be involved in public policy during the transition thus far? Does anyone recall what Ivanka Trump’s plans were when it came to the War on Women?

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, fully supports her father’s child care plan. After all, she helped him come up with it.

On Tuesday, Ivanka reiterated the points her father made during a Pennsylvania rally in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. One point was Donald’s plan to rewrite the tax code that would deduct the cost of childcare expenses from income taxes for up to four children, as well as (an unspecified number) of elderly dependents.

There’s no doubt that work is continuing furiously up in Trump Tower, with plans being drawn up for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. One aspect of this may indeed be plans for policies dealing with women’s issues. But if you honestly think that Trump is inclined to wipe out women from the workforce or cut their pay, you’re building yourself a monster of your imagination which doesn’t seem to be based in reality. If anything, I’d expect Trump to follow his daughter’s signals and do things to ease the minds of female voters, a demographic which he could have done better with this time around.

It’s a letter of inquiry, folks. No context was given. Before you begin the rioting, perhaps you should wait until The Donald at least sends out a tweet indicating what he’s actually up to.