I’ve seen some interesting Democratic voter registration efforts in my day, but this one is truly novel. If you happen to be one of the people lucky enough to not only have a few thousand dollars in walking around money and the chance to lay your hands on a ticket to Hamilton, you can register to vote while you’re out seeing the show. No… this is not an article from The Onion. (Mashable)

Broadway’s Hamilton continues to represent the best America has to offer; In an effort to increase voter turnout for November’s crucial election, the cast of the show will register voters outside the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York.

The individuals that portrays America’s founding fathers aren’t the only ones to get involved this election — over the weekend, actors from The West Wing campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, and the cast of The Birth of a Nation made a voting PSA that will air before upcoming screenings.

They are, of course, being very careful not to overtly support any candidate or party in this effort. (That’s a good thing since it would be a violation of the law.) But let’s be honest here… if you had to take a guess at how many Democrats vs Republicans are going to show up on Broadway for a production of Hamilton it wouldn’t be terribly hard to spitball the ratios. It’s also rather telling that Mashable chose to bracket their coverage of the voter registration initiative with an announcement that the cast of West Wing was also doing campaign events for Hillary Clinton.

In addition to Hamilton they’ll be doing the same thing at showings of Birth of a Nation. Here’s the PSA video they mention in the article.

You certainly can’t fault this effort or call dirty pool. Both sides need to maximize their voter registration efforts and get their supporters out to the polls. Donations are important too, so if you can manage to rope in a bunch of people who can afford an evening at Hamilton, that’s a win-win right there.

Exit question: Try to think of a parallel that the GOP could cook up. I’m drawing a complete blank.