Tis the season, once again upon us, when an age old tradition returns to cities and towns across the nation. I don’t mean the usual Thanksgiving feasts of yesterday or even the commercial mayhem of Black Friday. We’re talking about the annual protests of Walmart by their beleaguered workers who want a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and, much more to the point, official union representation. The OurWalmart campaign was back at it as usual, preparing to disrupt holiday shopping plans for the masses who prepare to launch into the Christmas giving season. But who are these protesters, really? One might assume that they are stock clerks, register operators, greeters and the rest of the employees who keep the nation’s largest retailer open. But don’t bet on it. This undercover video reveals that the people manning the picket lines are something entirely different.

This collection of students and paid union regulars represent the segmented factions pushing Walmart to turn their workforce over to organized labor. They recently experienced a split in their ranks as some factions decided that the old ways weren’t working, but they’ve still managed to assemble some AstroTurf to get the word out.

The seeming collapse of the OurWalmart movement has come following one setback after another in court as the group bent or broke the rules in an effort to get their way. As the Daily Caller reported recently, this has sown quite a bit of dissent among the ranks.

The truth is that the demise of the UFCW’s OUR Walmart campaign was aided in part by a series of strategic missteps. Courts in several states barred members of UFCW and OUR Walmart from trespassing on Walmart property, and OUR Walmart was charged with illegally picketing time and again. The most critical error was that the UFCW subsidiary, under pressure, registered as a “labor organization,” properly identifying itself as a union. However, Walmart workers time and again have rejected union attempts to organize. The new OUR Walmart will get to discard their union designation and again embark on a stealth union organizing campaign, just without the union title.

Perhaps OurWalmart needs to remove the log from their own eye before checking out the vision of anyone else. In one of the more hilarious ironies coming out of this “movement” of late, it turns out that some of the members of OurWalmart wanted to unionize themselves. Of course, they were promptly dismissed for it. (New York Post)

The union trying for years to organize Walmart workers employs non-union staffers — and fired several of them 15 months ago when they attempted to organize, one former insider claims.

The United Food & Commercial Workers International employed the non-union workers as part of its national OUR Walmart campaign. Those fired were Seattle-based organizers who said the dismissals came several months after they reached out to the union that represents UFCW employees, the insider told The Post.

So the message is, we need unions! Unless, of course, you try to start one up inside the group demanding the right to unionize.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.