It’s a day ending in a Y so there must be another story of Democrat political shenanigans coming out of the Big Apple. This time it’s once again Mayor Bill de Blasio spreading the wealth and just doing what he does best… helping people. The “people” getting help in this case happen to be one of his top, long time aides, Emma Wolfe and her life partner, Stephanie Yazgi. Ms Yazgi has herself a very nice new situation, with a $150K per year job as the campaign director for the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. Pretty sweet, huh? Particularly when you were the only one considered for the job. (Daily Mail)

New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio has come under fire after he was accused of giving an unadvertised job to his aide’s girlfriend with a reported salary of $150,000 a year.

Appointed as ‘campaign director’ for de Blasio’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in May, Stephanie Yazgi’s salary will initially be paid for by the taxpayers until it is covered by a delayed private grant.

The 38-year-old is the partner of one of the mayor’s most trusted aides, Emma Wolfe.

The startling findings were revealed by the New York Post, who were told by one Democrat insider that it was ‘just a made up position.’

Just to clarify about this “made up position” here, it’s apparently not an entirely government funded job. At least not directly. Supposedly the young lady will be paid a government salary out of taxpayer funds initially, but only because the position was supposed to be funded by a grant which has been “delayed.” But if that’s de Blasio’s excuse it’s a rather thin one. Doesn’t a “grant” which winds up in the government coffers still end up getting mixed in with the taxpayer’s money? There’s really not much of a difference there. And even if it were, if there is one single week where she gets a check funded by tax dollars, it’s a government job.

And I’m pretty sure that all government jobs are supposed to be competitive in the selection process, no? I realize we’re talking about activities taking place not far from the old Tammany Hall, but you still can’t just hand out jobs to your friends in the 21st century, can you? The press asked if anyone else had been interviewed for this position but City Hall had “no comment” so that probably tells us all we need to know on that score.

The qualifications which landed Ms. Yazgi this position are impressive indeed. She was the head of the Walmart Free NYC campaign before coming to this important role. And as the name implies, it’s an organization dedicated to ensuring that Walmart can’t compete in the greater New York City area to offer lower prices to the city’s financially challenged denizens. Isn’t that just lovely…

Exactly who we want heading up an immigration related position for the city, I’m sure. What could possibly go wrong?