If you were relying on the usual cable news channels, you probably wouldn’t even know this was happening today, but the much anticipated veterans’ march on DC has been well under way for a while now. At least the local news is covering it

Protestors of the government shutdown began at the World War II Memorial early Saturday morning and ended at the White House gates and fence Saturday afternoon.

The group was upset with the closure of memorials in Washington due to the shutdown stalemate. The original WWII protest was organized by the Million Vet March group, but took on a more political tone.

According to NBC News, the president was in the White House at the time the protesters arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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You can view a live feed of the events here, but I don’t want to try to embed it here.

EDIT 2: (Jazz) And finally some coverage from Fox.

The rally isn’t the first group upset over the state of affairs in DC, but they’re drawing plenty of high profile attendees.

“This is the people’s memorial,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told a crowd of several hundred gathered near the WWII Memorial on the closed National Mall, which has become a national symbol of the shutdown and the country’s response. “Simple question: Why is the federal government spending money to keep veterans out of the memorial? Why did they spend money to keep people out of Mount Vernon, Mount Rushmore? Our veterans should be above political games.”

Veterans, including many in wheelchairs, were allowed inside the memorial at about midday as others took the protest to the edge of the White House South Lawn.

“Today somebody’s wife [or] husband is dead in Afghanistan. Is somebody going to pay her husband [or] his wife or their children?” one protester shouted at the White House, referring to the partial shutdown cutting off benefits for the survivors of military personnel.

Cruz was joined by former 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, on a gray, rainy day in the nation’s capital.

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