It wouldn’t be Friday without some high political farce, and who better to check in on than New York’s gift that keeps on giving, Anthony Weiner? I know you were all terribly worried about him, what with his untreated sex addiction problems and all, but fear not! The New York Post is reporting that he’s finally seeking treatment.

Weiner’s pal told The Post that although it took a while, the fallen former New York congressman recently finally hit rock bottom and is getting therapy for his compulsion to electronically send strange women obscene messages and photos of his body.

Up until now, Weiner “didn’t fully comprehend” how destructive his online exhibitionistic tendencies were, the friend said.

“He was totally in denial. He was saying he may be able to write a book. But to think that he’s in a position to write a book, there has to be a redemption.

“Finally, he did get it. He understood it,” the friend said. “He understood why there was no line of people waiting to hire him.

You know what they say… the first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one. Or something.

But the biggest hurdle he seems to be facing are the various women in his life and convincing them that’s he’s really turned over a new leaf. He mentions three in particular. Two of them you could probably guess, but the the other might come as a surprise.

The horndog ex-House member from Queens is telling friends that while he’s finally started therapy for his sex addiction, the really hard part of his “recovery” will be getting his wife’s boss to believe he’s through with his naughty habits.

“My problem is that I have three women I have to convince that I’m cured: Huma, her mother — and Hillary,” Weiner, 46, told a friend recently.

Weiner’s humiliated, pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, is a top aide to Clinton, whose own hubby, ex-President Bill Clinton, was disgraced by seamy sex shenanigans while in office.

Oh, my! That could be a bit of a tough sell, couldn’t it? Then again, one might think that Hillary would be used to that sort of thing by now…