Capt. Ed’s overseas trip attempting to help OJ find the real killers in Italy hasn’t borne any fruit yet, but that didn’t stop him and the First Mate from taking some time out to investigate the many museums and ancient wonders on display there. Once again, Ed sends along his best wishes to the Hot Air community and shares the following images from his Italian travels with you all.

First, the Captain and the First Mate are captured on film with St. Peter’s Basilica in the background.
Ed and the First Mate at St. Peter's Basilica

Here are some of the spectacular, ancient Egyptian statues on display there.
Egyptian statues in Rome

This next shot is of an Egyptian “false door” burial stone. The stone comes from an Egyptian burial site, and the long thin door is the one through which Egyptians believed the soul would pass. Almost perfect condition after more than 4000 years.

False Door Burial Stone

The First Mate poses with another piece of Egyptian stone work. This one dates back to 2500 BC.

Ancient Egyptian Stone

And finally, the Four Rivers Fountain in the Piazza Navona.

Four Rivers Fountain

That’s all for today, but stop back tomorrow as we wind up Ed’s trip to Europe!