I’m struggling to pinpoint my favorite part about this Vine from Hillary Clinton. Is it her charming, natural delivery? Is it the suspicion that this lighthearted act of fun-lovin’ spontaneity was focus-grouped for weeks and approved by dozens of top advisers? Is it the jarring jump cut in which she suddenly appears, towering over the camera? Too much perfection from which to choose, I’m afraid. A work of art, and an instant classic:

I enjoy imagining that the previous frontrunner (“just hangin’ in Des Moines!”) was quashed by high-level staffers in a narrow, hotly-contested vote. Under this delightfully plausible scenario, those who argued her articulation was too stilted ultimately prevailed, resulting in the final product above — which Hillary cheerfully executed in only 27 takes. Walk me through your rainbow of emotions as you soaked this masterpiece in, America. This was my journey:

I’ll leave you with this, apropos of nothing in particular: