Not too long ago, I doubt many would’ve thought that a video like this would have been necessary… but the times, they are a-changin,’ friends. In a world in which President Obama can’t get above 47 percent among the crunchy constituents of Oregon, a Romney win in the Keystone state — which elected a Republican governor in 2010, by the way — is more than possible. The state is squarely in the tossup category, and Team Romney has been moving in.

So, get out there and vote, Pennsylvanians! Volunteer! It’s a tight race and Team Obama needs you! Walk until you… er, can’t walk anymore? [Subtext: Gulp.]

Team Obama has deemed Romney’s recent bid for Pennsylvania to be a “desperate” move, but they can hardly be just flailing around in the electoral wilderness if Team Obama is nervously matching that move, can they? No, no; the post-debate wave of Mitt-mentum definitely swept through Pennsylvania, and now Team O is left trying to stem the flow. Via the WSJ:

Yet one of the surprises of the past month is a quietly competitive race for Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. …

Republicans in the collar counties had little reason for enthusiasm before the first debate. The morning after Denver, the party office in Bucks was overrun with people looking for Romney-Ryan lawn signs. The Romney message strategy echoes that of Sen. Toomey and other successful GOP candidates here two years ago: Talk about jobs and debt, appeal to bipartisanship, and avoid the subjects of abortion and religion as much as possible.

As it happens, Mr. Romney is the first Northeasterner to get the Republican nod since the Connecticut native Bush 41 in 1988. He looks and sounds like Republicans whom Pennsylvanians have voted for in the past. Texas swagger and Sarah Palin didn’t play well in Bucks. …

… Gov. Rendell sums up the mood among Democrats: “We’re nervous.”