Oh, honestly. Obama’s people are certainly putting out that message that Vice President Biden is “fired up and ready to go” for tonight’s debate, but clearly they felt the need to get in a few little preemptive jabs at his challenger Paul Ryan — could it be that they don’t have enough confidence in Biden’s abilities alone to get the job done? I found this video in my inbox in an e-mail from Stephanie Cutter and the Truth Team, imploring me to “share it with others” before tonight’s debate:

Puh-lease. Let’s not pretend that Obama & company doesn’t know anything about “the casual fib,” “tainted timeline gambits,” “flat-out falsehoods,” “the ‘math is a matter of opinion‘ technique,” the “‘get the heck out of dodge‘ dodge,” “the senior scare,” or the “discredited double-down” tactics.

And while this vid steers clear of using the term “liar” in reference to Ryan, it’s obviously what they’re implying. Whatever happened to Obama waging a campaign free of vitriol and personal attacks? Megyn Kelly put that question to Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt on America Live today — do I detect LaBolt using the “‘get out of dodge’ dodge” tactic there? Just look at the perfect technique! Via Mediaite: