Did you miss the tremendous live, interactive VIP Gold chat with Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey? The duo took  VIP Gold members’ questions and comments and gave an in-depth analysis of the top topics of the day.

If you missed the chat or are not a VIP Gold member, no worries! Join below so you can watch what you missed and participate in future chats! Use LOYALTY for 25% off!

While Cam brought his A-game on 2nd Amendment and liberty issues and made sure to keep it real along the way, Ed kept pace with developments abroad, at home, and at the local level as well.

We had plenty to discuss and lots of time to take your questions. The hot topics were:

  • What happened in the 2020 election?
  • Will legal action change the outcome?
  • Will a renewed Supreme Court take more #2A cases?
  • Court-packing: is it dead now?
  • Developments in the Breonna Taylor and McCluskey cases
  • COVID-19 developments, and economic meltdown

With all the fast-moving developments, our VIP Gold members can get the latest as it happens from Cam and Ed.

Watch the replay of today’s chat below.