Does this qualify as a palate cleanser, or a depressing example of the consequences of investing in conspiracy theories? It’s a worthy leftover from yesterday, once we confirmed that this wasn’t the Washington Free Beacon’s idea of an April Fool’s joke. It looks as though many in the media and among Democrats are having serious separation anxiety now that Robert Mueller has closed his offices. A week later, all the usual suspects insist that it’s not over until we decide it is.

Maybe that tag line about Senator John Blutarski at the end of Animal House wasn’t so far off the mark after all:

Yikes. Someone got the talking points out to everyone quickly, didn’t they? It’s not just Rachel Maddow, in other words, but she certainly gets honorable mention in this montage. Her exchange with Lawrence O’Donnell at least had the novelty of, well, novelty:

“This isn’t something’s over, and let’s reflect on what just happened,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said to Lawrence O’Donnell.

Actually, that’s precisely what it is. The headline’s allusion comes courtesy of Power Line’s Scott Johnson, who like me is a big Carpenters fan:

In the words of the old Carpenters song, they’ve only just begun…to hate (on Trump). More hysteria and lying up dead ahead.

They’re clearly not on the top of the world these days, even their superstars. It’s going to take some time this time to pull themselves together and say ‘I believe you’ to Mueller. Until then, they’ll be calling occupants of interplanetary craft with their collusion theories.