Welcome to the new year, and say goodbye to the old! We had a weird and wild run in 2018, and now that we have divided government and a presidential campaign starting, we can look forward to an even wilder and weirder year in 2019. Before we move forward, though, let’s take a look back at top 18 posts by page views in 2018 to get a sense of where we’ve been.

And the top post of the year was …

  • #1: An army of illegal aliens is marching on America – I guess Newt Gingrich was right — the year turned out to be all about Kavanaugh and caravans! Jazz gets the top post for 2018 with his look at the migrant caravans waaaaaay back in March.

Happy New Year, everyone, and let’s hope for more peace, prosperity, and happiness in 2019.