A fun leftover from yesterday, after the UN General Assembly condemned the US for recognizing the right of Israel to choose its own capital. American media outlets offered breathless coverage of the “rebukes” received from the international community, noting their “sting” against the Trump administration for, er … doing what every president and major presidential candidate promised to do since 1992.

So who were these moral giants that delivered “stinging rebukes”? Jake Tapper decided to take a few minutes yesterday to review their own track records. I’m certain that the scolding from Venezuela’s envoy is keeping Nikki Haley up nights:

Be sure to stick around for the conclusion, in which Tapper questions the motives of the outraged human-rights giants such as North Korea, Turkey, Myanmar, Yemen, and others. “You have to ask,” Tapper declares, “is Israel truly deserving of 86% of the world’s condemnation? Or possibly, is something else afoot at the United Nations?”

Based on all evidence — especially the work of two execrable human-rights commissions run by some of the worst violators in the world — we’d have to choose Option B. And perhaps American news outlets should keep all of this in mind when discussing rebukes, stinging or otherwise, from the dictators and kleptocrats that gather at Turtle Bay.