Old and busted: Refusing to acknowledge the election results threatens the stability of the republic! New hotness: Let’s wait to see how the votes were counted first, mm-kay? Not long ago, Team Hillary chair John Podesta took to the stage at the campaign’s HQ to tell the crowd not to stick around any longer:

Well, it’s going to be difficult for anyone at Team Trump to complain about this after the new President-Elect very publicly claimed that privilege for himself as well, but the hypocrisy here is pretty stark. Hillary herself attacked Trump on stage for saying that he wanted to wait for the vote to be certified. It’s true that the media outlets haven’t called enough states to clinch 270 for Trump, but there won’t be much more time to go before Michigan has run out of precincts to count. Trump won this when Pennsylvania got called, and everyone knows it. The biggest takeaway is probably that Hillary doesn’t want to come out and admit a loss in front of a throng of supporters, which prompts the question as to which candidate had the thinnest skin all along.

Update: According to NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, she called Trump to concede:

I guess Podesta’s little speech was even more a dodge than first thought, eh?