Hot Air readers certainly will remember Kimberly Corban, the mother of two who stood up to President Barack Obama at his townhall promoting gun control. Corban wound up stealing the show by sharing her story of surviving sexual assault while in college, and how her firearms protect her from being victimized again. Corban came to CPAC last week on her own, using vacation time from her regular job, to speak on behalf of the NRA and to defend Second Amendment rights. She stopped by the Townhall booth to talk with me about her activism:

A had a brief chat with Kimberly before the interview started, in order to determine what she would feel comfortable discussing. She assured me that she feels comfortable sharing her story, and as you can see, Kimberly is quite courageous in doing so. As I noted above, she came to CPAC on her own time and her own dime; the NRA assisted her in connecting with media outlets such as ours, but she did not come to CPAC as a representative of the NRA. She just wants to tell her story so that she can continue to protect her family, and allow other law-abiding citizens to do the same.

The story about her participation in the CNN townhall forum is rather surprising. CNN sought her out, presumably because of her activism in behalf of lawful ownership of firearms; Kimberly describes some of those efforts in the interview. They flew her out to the studio, and had a producer discuss the questions she wanted to ask. Give credit to CNN for seeking out Kimberly and her point of view, and credit to Kimberly for remaining passionate in defense of Second Amendment rights and responsibilities. Readers can check out Kimberly’s Facebook page for more of her story and her activism.

Note: Due to technical issues, this video was not available until now.