Last night, Megyn Kelly updated the harrowing story of Lynne Russell and her husband Chuck de Caro, who got robbed at a motel and ended up in a gunfight. De Caro, a former CNN reporter and at one time a Green Beret commando, took three bullets and lived, but the assailant ended up dead in the parking lot. Russell, a former CNN Headline News anchor, told Kelly in a brief phone interview about the shooting, with a particular emphasis on how they were able to survive the encounter. It turns out that Russell and de Caro are, as one might expect, big fans of the 2nd Amendment.

How big, you might ask? Wait for Kelly to show a picture from their wedding (via Grabien):

The cake topper gets the point across, eh? Russell emphasizes that being able to arm themselves in self-defense saved their lives. “In my mind,” Russell declares, “there’s absolutely no doubt that we are alive today — and we just had our first anniversary on the Fourth of July — because of the 2nd Amendment, because of my husband, because of his focus and his dedication, and the fact that we had legal guns with us.” Thankfully both Russell and de Caro are alive to celebrate their anniversary, and will resume their trip to California where her husband is working on a project regarding the fight against ISIS. Hopefully

As for the robber, Russell says she’s sorry he’s dead, but not for the reason one might think. “I’d like to kill him again,” Russell concludes.