No, the legendary CBS News anchor wasn’t talking about Hillary Clinton’s reception in the 2016 presidential race, although “ice age” might be a good description of that after the past few weeks. Instead, Walter Cronkite told America in the days of Big Three TV News Was All You’ll Get And You’ll Like It Mister that scientific evidence showed that climate change was happening … in the form of a coming Ice Age, although thankfully not like the previous one that had the Atlantic Coast under a thick sheet of ice. Good thing that never happened, huh? Er …

Ice melt had been flying off the shelves at Strosniders Hardware Stores in Bethesda all week. But on Wednesday night, the salt hysteria reached a new high.

The store had been updating its customers on Twitter and Facebook each time it received a new truckload of ice melt — each about 645 bags and jugs, two or three times a day, said Charu Lingam, the company’s marketing manager.

Each time, the stock was cleared out within 45 minutes.

On Wednesday evening, the last chance for most customers to stock up before the anticipated four to 10 inches of snow across the region, the iceman didn’t cometh.

The truck driver had slipped and fallen. Lingam said the store sent two employees to Baltimore to drive the ice-melt truck back to Bethesda.

Wow, that Walter Cronkite could really nail a prediction! At least his climate model worked out better than those from the anthropogenic global warming crowd. Here’s the way it was, Monday, September 11, 1972:

There was actually a significant amount of reporting on the upcoming ice age in the 1970s, and it wasn’t just Dr. Lamb in Britain who predicted it. So did Dr. John Holdren in the US, who later became one of the most outspoken AGW advocates, and the science advisor to President Barack Obama. Four years ago (almost to the day), Sens. John Barrasso and Jim Inhofe teamed up on Tom Udall when he tried to dismiss ice-age scientific consensus as “a myth,” when in fact environmentalists had demanded political action to prevent another ice age which looks a lot like the action to prevent global warming — seizing control of energy production, rationing, population control, and global socialism. Funny how flexible those solutions are …

An ice incident also happened today, too. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but it’s a result of a record-harsh winter hitting the Atlantic seaboard. Flights have been canceled over the last few days from Boston to DC because of weather and runway conditions::

Of course, one cold winter doesn’t actually prove anything. Too bad AGW advocates don’t acknowledge the same thing about one warm summer, especially with 18 straight years of zero growth in global average temperatures. It’s called weather.