Almost three months ago, we got an exclusive look at MAD Magazine’s satirical jab at White House security in their December 2014 issue #531, “The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014.” MAD Magazine has given Hot Air another exclusive look at their next issue, due out on Tuesday, which will take a gentler poke at Barack Obama’s lame-duck goals. “President Obama’s Bucket List” in issue #532, “A Sneak Peek at the New Star Wars,” which also includes satires of Two Broke Girls and House of Cards, which might keep the Beltway a-dither next week.

President Obama’s highly unproductive time in the White House will soon be over, though there’s still much he can accomplish …. on a personal level, he might check off a thing or two on President Obama’s Bucket List.



This one’s tougher to read in its embedded form, but click on the image to get a good look at it. The first item might be the timeliest — it’s about Joe Biden, and Obama playing dead just to see what he’d do in his absence. That could be a daydream for Obama, but it’d be a nightmare for the wives and daughters of those on Capitol Hill. Another of the items, challenging Vladimir Putin to a real pissing contest, seems unlikely … but he’s practically doing that with Bibi Netanyahu these days, so badge unlocked, or something.

Here’s the cover. The issue goes on sale Tuesday, February 24th, at newsstands everywhere.