For the second week in a row, foreign affairs gets a much higher profile on the Sunday talk shows than usual, but we’ll get more talk about politics — and even a little March madness thrown in. Most of the shows will cover the crisis in Ukraine and the mystery of Flight 370, with Meet the Press handling both in one segment with House Intelligence chair Rep. Mike Rogers, plus Jimmy Carter discussing foreign policy (no, seriously). MTP also has the only March Madness segment, with a panel that includes Barack Obama confidante Reggie Love. Face the Nation is completely focused on the two international stories, so if you want domestic politics, you’ll want to tune in ABC’s This Week, where Nate Silver will share his polling analysis, or Fox News Sunday for John Kasich’s take on the economy and his plans for 2016.

  • ABC’s This Week: Nate Silver; Matt Damon; roundtable includes Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Cokie Roberts, and Dan Senor.
  • CBS’ Face The Nation: Mitt Romney; Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Dick Durbin (D-IL); roundtables include Clarissa Ward, Leigh Gallagher, and David Sanger ; Capt. Sully Sullenberger and David Gallo.
  • CNN’s State of the Union:  Rep. Patrick Meehan and Rep. Adam Schiff; Curt Newport, Rev. Earl Johnson; Tony Blinken and Madeline Albright; roundtable includes Newt Gingrich, Susan Page, Neera Tanden.
  • Fox News SundayRep Michael McCaul (R-TX), Dr. Alan Diehl; Governor John Kasich (R-OH); roundtable includes Laura Ingraham, Bob Woodward, Paul Wolfowitz, Juan Williams.
  • NBC’s Meet the Press: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI); Arne Duncan, Mark Emmert and Reggie Love; Michael Chertoff; Jimmy Carter; roundtable includes Andrea Mitchell, David Brooks, Rich Lowry, Michael Nutter.

Note: Allahpundit is on vacation until March 24th.