At least CNN is paying attention, even though the defendant here isn’t named Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, or Jodi Arias.  And let’s give them a little more credit than that, too, for a report that focuses more on the victims that will have to endure cross-examination from Nidal Hasan, who will represent himself in the court-martial that starts today:

Hasan will only call two witnesses for his own defense, but CNN doesn’t specify who they may be. However, Hasan himself began conducting his defense in the media yesterday, releasing two excerpts — if they can be called that — from his sanity-board review to Fox News. Neither excerpt deals with the conclusion of the review, but the second contains handwritten marginal notes from Hasan that will apparently form the core of his defense:

The note says, “We are (im?)perfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion of All-Mighty Allah as supreme on the land.” This parallels the analysis from the sanity board that essentially restates Hasan’s own testimony to the board that he determined that America was at war with Muslims, and that he was fighting on the wrong side. That’s going to play hob with both Hasan’s hopes for an acquittal and for the current Obama administration treatment of the Fort Hood shooting as an incident of workplace violence rather than terrorism.