Nothing says sincerity like campaign promises, huh?  Last week, Barack Obama released a two-minute TV spot in which he directly talked into the camera and made a few promises about his second term.  The problem, as Guy Benson discovered, is that most of these promises are recycled from his first presidential campaign:

(1) His “plan” is to magically create a million manufacturing jobs.  Never mind the fact that the manufacturing sector has shed well over half a million jobs during his tenure, including 15,000 last month alone.  Focus on the words. 

(2) He pledges increased energy independence.  Never mind that he made similar unfulfilled promises during his last campaign, that he’s manipulated science and unilaterally blocked domestic energy projects that his green allies don’t like.  Focus on the words. 

(3) He calls for new “investments” to help build our economy.  Never mind that his investment record (using our money and borrowed funds) has been piss poor over the last four years, and that we’re trillions in the hole because of it.  Focus on the words.

(4) He says he’ll reduce the deficit through a “balanced” approach.  Never mind that he’s shattered his first-term promise to halve the deficit by now, and that his claimed war “savings” have been pummeled by fact-checkers as a thoroughly unserious gimmick.  Focus on the words.

Obama finishes with a call for “economic patriotism,” which our Erika Johnsen ripped:

It’s time for a new economic patriotism. Rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class. Read my plan. Compare it to Governor Romney’s and decide for yourself. Thanks for listening.

“New economic patriotism”? Does that sound severely creepy to anyone else?

Sounds more severely protectionist, and as Guy points out (and I did earlier as well), more likely to produce jobs overseas by attacking capital that could be invested in the US.  Looks like Obama’s not only recycling old unfulfilled campaign promises, he’s also recycling Smoot Hawley, too.


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