Don’t get too excited; The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill’s scathing criticism comes as part of an argument yesterday on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes over a lack of critical analysis of Barack Obama’s record from the Left.  Scahill expressed disgust over the “jingoism” in the ongoing “football spik[ing]” over the Osama bin Laden raid during the convention, and MSNBC’s utter lack of critical analysis of it.  The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg claims that it would have been “political malpractice” to have left that topic out of the convention, but she misses the point of Scahill’s complaint.  It’s directed at the media, not the convention, although he does have some pointed words for the revisionism on the Iraq War from John Kerry and Joe Biden:

But here’s the real question: did Scahill really expect something other than an OFA meetup from MSNBC during the convention — or for that matter, at any other time?  Does he watch MSNBC?