Barack Obama has campaigned on equal-pay issues going all the way back to 2007, so it’s no big surprise to hear him still campaigning on it in 2012.  He regularly cites the Lily Ledbetter Act as one of his big achievements as President, fighting for equal pay for women, although the merits of a bill that allows for more retroactive lawsuits is certainly debatable.  However, it seems that Obama has a new crusade — equal pay for … First Ladies:

And let me say this.  When I talk about women’s issues, I’m talking about the experiences that I’ve seen in my own life.  Everybody knows Michelle.  (Applause.)  The fact that we are partners in this process, this journey of life, has been my source of strength.  And I want to make sure that she has control over her health care choices.  I want to make sure that when she’s working, she is getting paid the same as men.  I’ve got to say, First Ladies right now don’t — (laughter) — even though that’s a tough job.

Well, actually, it isn’t a job.  There is no “job” called Presidential Spouse, just as there is no “job” called Presidential Child.  Is life difficult for presidential spouses and children?  In many ways, yes.  And in many ways, no.  Few people get to live in an elaborate mansion with household and kitchen staff on duty all hours of the day and night, for instance, paid by taxpayers for their comfort.  Few other spouses get the kind of political/cultural platforms that First Ladies do, either. As this First Family has discovered, the vacation venues and covered travel expenses are usually a bit better than the hoi polloi experience, too.

But First Ladies don’t get paid because Presidential Spouse isn’t a government position; it’s a circumstance of being married to the President … who, by the way, gets $400,000 a year in salary, a hefty pension even after just a single term that includes the kind of Cadillac-plan health care that Obama himself decried in the private sector, and lifetime a decade of free personal security.  If that’s not enough, then perhaps the Obamas should take this opportunity to retire so that Mrs. Obama can go back to work in the private sector.

By the way, there’s nothing that legally prevents a First Lady from having a job of her own, or a First Dude if those circumstances arise.  It would be impractical for a number of reasons, not the least of which are issues of conflicts of interest and security.  But it has been done, albeit for a very brief time: Hillary Clinton formally entered the Senate more than two weeks before her husband stopped being the President in January 2001.

Update: I had forgotten that the President could lead on this issue very easily — by paying women equally in his own White House.  So far, Obama is all talk.

Update II: Secret Service protection for former Presidents and their families was curtailed to 10 years; I’ve corrected that above.

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