Don’t worry — this will be the first of many political ads pointing out the crony capitalism of the Obama administration. The eventual Republican nominee will have a wide selection of targets on this point, from Solyndra to LightSquared to Jon Corzine, and so on.  For now, though, outside groups like Crossroads GPS are the most focused on the general election, and this ad leads off the attack well:

That’s a delicious quote from Obama about the “true engine of economic growth” being “companies like Solyndra.”  The true engine of economic growth does not depend on government subsidies and the elites picking winners and losers — a process that by its nature leads to the selection of losers, as winners don’t need subsidies and interventions to succeed.  Solyndra is a perfect example of this.  It was already failing when Obama approved over a half-billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies to keep it afloat, followed by the illegal subordination of taxpayer funds that benefited his political supporter George Kaiser in an attempt to keep the company from drowning in its own red ink.  Repeated warnings by auditors got overruled so that Obama could deliver lines like the one above to score political points.

Keep these coming.